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The best of fashion trends for monsoon

If there's one thing that we know about monsoon, it's that it's gloomy and often threatens to take the fun out of our fashion games. We are talking rich hues, fresh prints, short numbers, light fabrics and just the right amount of layering to give monsoon a fashionable spin. Play with proportions, avant-garde pieces, and finish off your look with a light dewy makeup. Get your wardrobe ready for the shabby months with one, or

8 beauty hacks for monsoon every girl should know

The rains are almost here. And with the showers come the rising humidity. Here are tips to help you keep your skin and locks intact.

Easy Makeup Hacks For Monsoon

You spent your morning curling up or straightening your hair strands and corrected your eyeliner for that perfect wing shape and just when you were about to step out, it starts raining. All the efforts you had put, go in vain. The monsoon is really a confusing season for our skin. The humid and moist climate demands more hair, skin and makeup care. Don’t let the rain pours wash off your makeup and hair style and leave behind a messy you! Here are exclusively easy beauty hacks that every woman should have up her sleeves this monsoon!
Makeup Hacks For Rainy day: 
Prefer Primer: During monsoon, always prefer to use primer if at all you are in need to use foundation. It holds your foundation for longer duration. Light water-based foundations are great options in the rainy days.

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Use BB Creams: Use BB creams for daily use purpose. Use makeup base which is light as this will reduce makeup melting. They allow your skin to breathe in the humid weather. Avoid concealers.

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Makeup Essentials for the Low Maintenance Girl

Good day ladies! Today, I am writing about one of my favourite topics – makeup!

I have compiled a list of makeup essentials that every girl should have in her makeup bag (unless you prefer not to wear any, in which case more power to you!). If quick-fix makeup is your style, read on:


Why in the world would I start with mascara? Because it is the one product that can make your appearance go from dull to bright in less than thirty seconds. Mascara is an absolute must have when it comes to makeup essentials.